Is It Time To Say No To Fast Food?

Is It Time To Say No To Fast Food?


Fast food has long been a staple of many Americans' diets, yet most people who eat fast food know it’s bad for them and have major concerns related to its nutritional value.

Certain combinations of fat, sugar and salt, along with artificial flavors and alluring packaging, are used to create foods that are highly attractive and addictive.

These unique ingredient combinations signal the brain that we need more and encourage us to overeat.

So if we know eating fast food is bad for us, why do we keep eating it?

The answer is simple: the benefits of eating fast food far outweigh the long-term implications for most people. However, once you get a better understanding why all those trips to the drive through may be slowly killing you, you may just want to stop eating fast food after all.

The average fast food meal can have as many calories as you need for an entire day.

• Fast food meals tend to be very high in saturated fat and that’s the fat that causes heart disease.
• Food from fast food restaurants tends to have high amounts of preservatives.
• Many fast food restaurants serve meat with fillers known as “pink slime” that is treated with harsh chemicals.
• While many restaurants offer healthier choices, those choices are usually more expensive and not chosen as often.
• Fast food meals don’t contain the necessary vitamins and minerals for good health.
• Fast food meals don’t contain much fibre, which helps to keep digestion regular and lower cholesterol.
• The cost of treating medical conditions caused by a poor diet, is much greater than any money you could save on a value menu.
• For the first time in history, children are having problems due to obesity that once plagued only adults such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

While many people turn to fast food because it’s considered cheap and filling, it may not be such a bargain when it ultimately leads to a host of health problems, and potentially massive medical bills.

When you think about the damage that fast foods are doing to your body, it seems silly to spend any money on it at all.

So while it may seem convenient and inexpensive, the real cost of a fast food diet can be devastating for your health.

So Find A Way To Eat Healthier Foods!

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