WARNING! What you're about to find out about Coconut Oil will change your life forever.


Maybe it’s happened to you?

As you come back from work, you drag yourself into the bedroom, and huddle straight under the cold sheets. For a few minutes, the room freezes with silence, and right when you’re about to fall asleep, your phone starts ringing.

One time. You ignore it.

Two times. You ignore it again.

Three times, you pick it up, and see the name of your best friend on the screen.

A few minutes pass, and you hang up breaking into a cold sweat. And you can’t help but wonder. Are you really so tired to cancel your plans again? Is it too late to go out now? After all, it’s only 8:00 PM.

Maybe you should go…

But your body won’t cooperate. Your eyelids fall numb upon your sleepy eyes so you turn your back on all the exciting activities you had for today, feeling like an old lady who’s low on energy all the time.

The good news? You’re not alone in this.

In survey data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010 and 2011, 15.7 percent of women below the age of 45 said they felt “very tired” or “exhausted” on “most days” or “every day”.

But how can you feel so tired when your body is so young and powerful? And how can you become more resistant?

The Harsh Reality of How People Really Gain Energy

When women find themselves drained of energy, they usually count on artificial sources, such as energy drinks, chocolate, coffee, and other boosters. They believe that only this way they can put an end to exhaustion.

But they’re dead wrong.

Sugar, caffeine, taurine and other ingredients that “energy boosters” are made of can help you recharge for a short period of time. But what most people don’t know is that once they pump you up, they leave you even more drained than you were before consuming them. Not to mention the dangerous effects they can have if not used with moderation.

But what if I told you there is one particular ingredient that can help you out?

It’s 100% natural, it costs a lot less than any artificial booster, and there’s plenty of it around the world. In fact, you can find it at almost any grocery store, now available even in soft-gel capsules which are ideal for easier digestion and quantity precision.

The Secret Formula for Gaining Energy the Right Way

I bet you have heard of coconut oil before. In fact, how could you not, when its benefits are all over social media?

The truth is that this natural ingredient is indeed a “magic potion”, as they like to call it. First of all, it is a wealthy source of triglycerides. And because of their composition, our bodies can easily absorb and turn them into energy. At the same time, they have potentially beneficial attributes in protein metabolism and immune system.

In other words, not only will the regular consumption of coconut oil lead to an increase in energy balance but it will also prevent a lot of diseases from hitting your organism.

Turmeric Curcumin Capsules
Organic Coconut Oil Capsules

So check out our list of 71 uses for the versatile coconut oil. While many of them with help with the enhancing of your energy, others will improve your health and make you feel better. Here’s how:

  1. It can replace margarine, shortening, and vegetable oils in food preparation: it is healthier, and can withstand higher temperatures than other oils.
  2. Works as a preservative: it prevents oxidation, as well as bacterial and fungal contamination.
  3. It’s a good source of healthy fat: it will balance your essential fatty acid consumption.
  4. It’s a nutritional supplement: 10 grams per day will not upset your stomach, and will offer you the optimal health.
  5. It improves the absorption of nutrients: it can enhance the nutritional values of the foods you eat. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fat-soluble phytonutrients will be easily absorbed, which will also prevent vitamin or mineral deficiencies.
  6. It improves your athletic performance: the triglycerides included in its composition will boost your energy and metabolism while preventing the breakdown of the muscle protein when exercising.
  7. It enhances fetal growth and brain development: its chemical composition fortifies the infant formula and creates new healthy neuro pathways.
  8. It keeps blood sugars in balance: it is especially good for diabetics because it can moderate the amount of glucose which is released into the bloodstream.
  9. It improves the blood circulation: simply applying it to your body will do the trick.
  10. It improves insulin secretion: type I and type II diabetics can benefit from the increased production of needed insulin.
  11. It manages your weight: since coconut oil is basically a fat, consuming it daily right before the meals will control your cravings for sugar and therefore reduce your weight.
  12. It is used in parenteral nutrition: it is delivered by IV to prevent the muscle damage of critically ill patients.
  13. It helps releasing the stress on the pancreas: coconut oil diminishes the need for pancreatic enzymes and hormones, which helps the pancreas function properly.
  14. It improves the function of the heart: coconut oil can prevent your organism from suffering heart attacks and stokes.
  15. It improves the function of the liver and kidneys.
  16. It helps the thyroid gland balance the amount of released hormones
  17. It fights inflammation: because it contains lauric and capric acid, coconut oil is a great replacement for anti-inflammatory medicine that can have bad side effects.
  18. It enhances the healing of wounds: simply clean the wound and apply coconut oil.
  19. It kills constipation: coconut oil is also a natural laxative, but consuming more than the recommended portion will turn constipation into diarrhea.
  20. It makes your bones stronger: coconut oil helps your body absorb more calcium, which is vital for the optimal health of the bones.
  21. It eases the pain in your joints: with only a couple grams of coconut oil per day, you can help your body eliminate the pain caused by arthritis.
  22. It gets rid of hemorrhoids: after applying a thin layer of coconut oil to the infected area, you will finally get to enjoy a comfortable seat.
  23. It lowers the amount of cholesterol: as opposed to the myths that coconut oil can increase the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol, the lauric acid that it contains actually enhances the good cholesterol.
  24. It treats coughing: make yourself the best natural medicine against coughing using only a teaspoon of raw honey, half a spoon of coconut oil, and hot water to clear the infection in your throat.
  25. It fights allergies: whenever allergies show up, apply coconut oil to your nostrils with the help of a small cotton swab, and they will go away.
  26. It treats sunburned skin: both coconut oil and aloe vera are well-known for their anti-inflammatory benefits. So mix them together, place them in the freezer, and then apply to the burned area. They will do wonders to your skin!
  27. It protects you against cancer: regular consumption of coconut oil in moderated portions will prevent cancer from developing in your organism.
  28. It cleans intestinal infections.
  29. It soothes the itching provoked by eczemas: just like any other skin infection, eczemas can be treated if you apply a thin layer of coconut oil directly to them.
  30. It treats measles: taking 1 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil by mouth daily will force the infection to subside.
  31. It gets rid of insomnia: depending on your weight, consume between 2 and 4 tablespoons of coconut oil before you go to sleep and you will finally get some rest.
  32. It makes migraine headaches stop: rub your head and temples with coconut oil, and within 10 minutes the pain will disappear.
  33. It speeds up the recovery time after surgeries.
  34. It reduces the effects of depression: use up to four tablespoons of coconut oil early in the morning when you have breakfast.
  35. It treats anemia: because coconut oil is so rich in nutrients and can absorb more vitamins from certain foods, it will easily help your anemia go down.
  36. It helps your skin recover from rashes caused by poisonous plants: whether you apply coconut oil directly to the rash or take a bath with a few tablespoons of this oil, the irritations will disappear quickly.
  37. It protects your skin against UV radiation: if applied to the skin, coconut oil can serve both as an anti-inflammatory crème and sunscreen lotion.
  38. It protects your eyes from developing conjunctivitis: you can pour a few drops of coconut oil directly in the eyes or pour some in water to clean them or because it doesn’t hurt or sting.
  39. It calms down the toothache: with only one teaspoon of coconut oil and two of cleve oil, you can create the most efficient lotion to reduce the pain in your teeth. Use a cotton swab to apply it directly to the specific teeth or simply use it as toothpaste when brushing them.
  40. It clears up ear infections: instead of using antibiotics, grab two garlic cloves and 1/8 cup of coconut oil. Mix them together, simmer them for five minutes, allow to cool until it reaches 37 degrees Celsius/ 98 Fahrenheit, and pour a few drops in the infected ear.
  41. It treats gonorrhea efficiently: mix 3 to 5 tablespoons of tea tree oil with coconut oil and apply it to the infected area using a cotton ball.
  42. It cures gastroenteritis: use one teaspoon of coconut oil twice a day to lubricate the colon and relieve the distress.
  43. It eliminates sinus infections: one method is to simply add a tablespoon of coconut oil into your tea or coffee. Another method is to rinse your nostrils with it. Mix coconut oil with clean water and salt, and use a dropper to pour a few drops in your nasal passages.
  44. It relieves the pain provoked by bed sores: smear coconut oil all over your sores up to three times a day. The pain will begin to fade from the very first applications.
  45. It kills the bacteria that cause the urinary tract infection: because coconut oil has antibacterial properties, you can cure UTI with it. Eat three tablespoons three times a day, and for maximum effects, drink a lot of coconut water.
  46. It can cure pneumonia: mix one tablespoon of oregano oil with one of coconut oil and apply daily directly to the chest to decrease the symptoms of pneumonia
  47. It treats syphilis: the cure for syphilis is lauric acid, which can be found in pure coconut oil. Therefore, you can either drink or eat a few tablespoons daily to get read of the STD.
  48. It kills the bacteria that cause the swimmer’s ear infection: after draining the water from your ear, warm 20ml of coconut oil and drop it inside. If you live in colder regions where coconut oil is solid, you should use mustard oil instead to avoid the solidification of coconut oil inside your ear.
  49. It treats the discomfort of athlete’s foot infection: bathe your foot in warm water with a few tablespoons of coconut oil and tea three oil. Another way to cure this infection is to massage the foot with coconut oil and a few drops of lavender, rosemary or other essential oils.
  50. It heals toenail fungus infection: even though toenail fungus is considered a difficult infection, coconut oil can actually cure this one too. Simply pat a few drops on the nails, cuticles, and toes, massage for a few minutes, and repeat the process twice a day until the fungus disappears.
  51. It treats the herpes infection: eat one or two tablespoons of coconut oil at every meal or apply it directly to the herpes every day until it disappears.
  52. It kills the hepatitis C virus: if your symptoms are relatively mild, three or four tablespoons of coconut oil daily will eliminate them. However, if you’ve been having them for a few years, you should increase the dosage.
  53. It prevents and treats leukemia: leukemia is a complex virus, and coconut oil alone cannot kill it. However, as a supplement to your prescribed treatment, it will enhance the healing process. Simply use coconut oil instead of other oils when cooking or take a few tablespoons daily.
  54. It treats HIV/AIDS virus: a minimum of 50ml of coconut oil contains 20 grams of lauric acid, which is an antibacterial substance. If you take a few tablespoons daily for a longer period of time, the symptoms of HIV, such as acne and tiredness will rapidly go away, and your helper cells will multiply.
  55. It treats Chicken Pox/ varicella virus: coconut oil has the power to stimulate the production of collagen, which hydrates the skin. It also forms new blood vessels, which frees the skin from marks and scars. Simply massage your face with virgin coconut oil, let it dry, and repeat the process three times daily until you get rid of the scars.
  56. It kills Giardia virus: heat a tablespoon of coconut oil to 76 degrees and pour it on top of your usual meal. The lauric acid will fight the virus from your organism. And it doesn’t work just for Giardia. Whatever intestinal worms you may have, it will kill them all.
  57. It heals epilepsy: Julian Whitaker suggests that you should mix four teaspoons of MCT oil with three of coconut oil, and eat it along with your meals, three times a day. You can also mix coconut oil with fish oil for even better results.
  58. It diminishes the symptoms of Parkinson: with four tablespoons at breakfast, two at lunch, and two at dinner, Parkinson symptoms will begin to fade, allowing you to move around with an improved agility, to forget about the extreme pain in the back, and to get rid of the swelling on your body.
  59. It treats dementia and Alzheimer’s: coconut oil also contains ketones, which helps the brain develop new and healthy neuro pathways. In other words, a healthy nerve function is enhanced, which can prevent and reverse diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  60. It reduces the symptoms of multiple sclerosis: including coconut oil in your diet will diminish and even eliminate the symptoms of MS because it is a rich source of healthy fat.
  61. It heals strokes and traumatic brain injuries: studies from the National Institutes of Health show that the ketones in coconut oil offer neuroprotective benefits for many neurological diseases. Therefore, it can slow down and even reverse the mental declines if consumed regularly.
  62. It helps healing Schizophrenia: the ketone bodies coconut oil offer your brain will treat Schizophrenia better if you consume it daily along with the prescribed medicine or other natural remedies.
  63. It treats Autism: coconut oil can stop the progression of this mental disease, and in many cases, it can even bring a complete recovery. The reason is that coconut oil can raise the ketones level to the point where they facilitate the development of the brain.
  64. It stops the progression of the Down syndrome: a simple diet is advised to support somebody with the Down syndrome so that the illness may not progress: proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats (coconut oil), and limited grains.
  65. It treats foggy brain: only 10ml of coconut oil twice a day is likely to improve the fuel supply for brain cells and the membrane function, which will help the brain restore it optimal health.
  66. It fights the candida asthmatics: because coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal and anti-viral ingredient, adding it to your diet will reduce the inflammation in the Gl track and eliminate the threat that it brings to your lungs.
  67. It treats menstrual irregularities: one of the many causes of having issues with the menstrual cycle is the deficiency of healthy fats in the organism. To avoid that, consider eating foods rich in clean cholesterol, such as yogurt and, of course, coconut oil.
  68. It reduces the side effects of artificial cancer treatments: patients who consumed virgin coconut oil during chemotherapy treatment have improved the functional status of the affected organs and significantly diminish the side effects of the therapy.
  69. It kills the flu virus: coconut oil has strong antibacterial properties that can fight the flu virus alone, without any other antibiotics. However, it works just the same: it has to be taken regularly (one tablespoon every two hours) over the course of 5 to 7 days.
  70. It treats any kind of fever: dilute peppermint essential oil in 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and rub it on your forehead, temples, neck, chest, and feet.
  71. It combats stress: coconut oil contains polyphenols and medium-chain fatty acids, which are better for fighting stress than any possible drug.

Feeling exhausted sucks. Particularly when there’s no end in sight. But simple changes to your diet can have dramatic effects on your energy level.

Just imagine coming back from work again, but this time when you enter your bedroom, you reach for the gym clothes instead of the pajamas.

Instead of going to bed in the evening like an old lady, you can actually look forward to going out, meeting your friends, and having fun regardless of how many hours you spent at the office. Exhaustion will no longer be a problem for you.

All because you’ve taken the time to treat yourself with some virgin coconut oil every day. 

Sounds impossible? It’s not.

Do the work, read our list of 71 uses for coconut oil, and find out how to become healthier and full of energy every day.

You’ve got your road-map – now all you need to do is follow it.

Turmeric Curcumin Capsules Organic Coconut Oil Capsules
Turmeric Curcumin Capsules Organic Coconut Oil Capsules
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